PowerShell Script to Download MMS 2015 Session Files

By | November 12, 2015

I’m fresh off of an amazing few days at Midwest Management Summit 2015. I’ve been to many trainings/conferences/events in my IT career and thus far, MMS is unmatched. I would consider it very difficult (if even possible) to find that level of experience or networking at any other conference in the Windows management field.

I hope to write up more on the conference next week, but for now I wanted to publish a PowerShell script that will grab the session files provided for the event. As someone that has used PowerShell interactively for a long time, I’m fairly new to using it for its’ true power of scripting so please feel free to provide comments.

I want to give a special thank you to Duncan Russell for writing this script last year and ensuring the edits I made for this year worked properly. This was a fun project for a newbie to PowerShell web scraping and I really enjoyed the collaboration.

You can find the script here on GitHub. (Another thank you to David O’Brien for drilling GitHub into our heads all week :). Change $baseLocation to the location you would like the sessions downloaded. The script will not download files again if it recognizes they have already been downloaded.

Thanks for checking it out!


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