Update for ConfigMgr TP3

By | September 23, 2015

Today Microsoft released their first update for Configuration Manager Technical Preview 3 via their new servicing channel. Updating your ConfigMgr Site, Console and Clients is made easier through this new method. This update brought a number of new features that Microsoft is taking feedback very seriously, especially through the Configuration Manager UserVoice site.

You can see this update come through in Administration > Overview > Cloud Services > Updates and Servicing


Updates are checked every 7 days by default, but a check can be forced by restarting the SMS_Executive service. Logging for this process is tracked via dmpdownloader.log.

The main reason I wanted to write this post is point out two direct results of feedback from the UserVoice site.

Once the site is updated, if you relaunch the console or click “About Configuration Manager” you are greeted with a lovely message that your console does not match the current site version. You are prompted to click OK to update your console and warned that data may be corrupted if you don’t.


This was initially suggested by Niall Brady with this UserVoice post.

Another one of the top suggestions on the UserVoice site was to integrate the Software Center and Application Catalog into one single pane of glass. Today we received a glimpse of what that will look like, including a new Applications tab and a Compliance tab within the new Software Center seen here:



The way that Microsoft has been responding to feedback lately has been very impressive. The product group appears to be doing a great job of being transparent with the community as evidenced by the UserVoice site. I highly encourage anyone reading to go vote and/or provide any feedback they have on the product.

You can find the official Microsoft announcement of the update on the System Center Configuration Manager Team Blog: Now Available: Update for System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview 3


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